For Bakers

To all the home bakers and professionals who have donated to this much-loved Bisbee event – thank you – we wouldn’t have our award-winning event without our amazing bakers! But for this pandemic year only, we’re offering a virtual tasting, in partnership with See’s Candies – we hope we can count on you in 2022 when we open up bigger and better than ever!

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Q. What type and size of chocolate should I bring?

A. The sky’s the limit in terms of your creativity, and there’s no need to cut your chocolate or place on a special plate, as that can be done by our dedicated volunteers. Sheet cakes are much easier for us to cut and serve than layer cakes – and please don’t bring anything that has to be refrigerated as we have nowhere to keep it cool. We want to make sure that your beautiful baked goods are shown off at their best.

Q. Do you accept gluten free desserts or desserts containing nuts?

A. Yes – our ticket holders really appreciate gluten free offerings – please mark it as gluten free when you deliver it to us. And we ask that if you deliver a dessert with nuts, please let us know, as many people are allergic.

Q. Is there refrigeration available?

A. Sadly, no. So please don’t bring us a fabulous creation that has to be refrigerated, because it will be ruined by the time people arrive for the Tasting – our apologies.

Q. How should I deliver my chocolate?

A. Please bring your contribution on something disposable, as we will be providing trays for the desserts. It’s very difficult to keep track of trays to return them to you, so please try to conform to this disposable rule. If you absolutely have to have your tray back, please mark it with your name and telephone number.

Q. Where and when should I deliver?

A. Please bring desserts to Central School, 43 Howell Avenue, Old Bisbee, between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. If you deliver earlier, there may not be anyone there to receive your chocolate; if you deliver later, it’s very difficult for the volunteers who are traying the chocolates to set up tables and plate chocolates in time for the event. Thanks for your understanding.

10 thoughts on “For Bakers

    • Hi, Valerie! Most people bake at least two dozen chocolate goodies. And of course there’s no cost to contribute baked goods. I will give your name to the person who’s coordinating bakers and she’ll send you all the details. Thanks and we’ll see you in February!

  1. I don’t live in Bisbee, can I still sign up to donate some chocolates? If so, how do I sign up?

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